Ihsan Oturmak

I was born the first son of a farmer and a housewife, in the village of Gördük in Diyarbakir province. Being born in the year 1987, I grew up ignorant to the fact that my mother not working had not been a deliberate choice. During that time we did not see any female teachers, pharmacists, civil servants, or in other words, mothers who had a steady income of their own. But what my mother did was to fight tooth and nail so I could get a proper education. I say fought, because our social environment did not care if the male child of the family went to school. Having an opinion, nurturing a talent, or leading a fulfilling life was not held in the same high esteem as herding sheep, or later, getting to know the intricacies of the farmer’s life. I was lucky that my mother did not see this as a life suitable for me.