Azadeh Ghotbi

Azadeh is a London-based Iranian artist who experienced revolution, loss, exile, and the idiosyncrasies of feeling proud of one’s heritage yet being stateless early in life. She left her country of birth at an age when one is too young to make life-changing decisions yet old enough to suffer their consequences. She left behind everything she knew, cared for, and took for granted. The “present” and the beautiful prospect its future held were wiped forever at that very moment. The passing of time has only made her further appreciate and cherish the importance of history, roots and cultural ties. Diaspora, statelessness, transience, lack of continuity are her “normal”. However, she has found that such experience can bear unexpected gifts of strength, adaptability, empathy, and a heightened sense of observation. The cumulative effect of all this imparts and reflects itself upon her work.

Azadeh’s paintings have been exhibited throughout Europe (Amsterdam, Basel, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, London, Paris) in the Middle East (Cairo, Dubai, Tehran) and in the US (Los Angeles, New York). We are excited to be exhibiting her first photography show at Karavil Contemporary.